Thursday, October 16, 2008

German TV

I prepared an Earl Grey tea, I still had Lebkuchen at home, I burned some good incences and sat down on my Indian blanket in front of the TV, switching channels. There are these endless discussions on our health system. It is interesting that we name our health insurances, illness insurances (Krankenkasse). The health insurances wanted to change this, but I think with not so much success. People talk about illness insurances. In America people are just better regarding marketing. Dissatisfied people in boring clothes changed arguments. I switched the channel. I couldn't believe my eyes. A naked woman (dressed only with underpants) was playing games - puzzles - with spectators that were calling, of course for a much higher rate as usual. That's how they make money. It was humiliating. And I do not understand why this is allowed. I switched to the next channel. A thriller. The music was so dramatic, that I started shivering for fear. Quickly I switched to the next channel. CNN and n-tv, but in the evening the reports are boring sometimes. I was also not interested in a report on the Second World War. I switched back. Bloody, ugly faces were seen, the music was still most dramatic. Damned the naked woman again, the "serious" men and women in suits again. I was so bored and in disgust. Only the music channel pleased me. People could send SMSs that were broadcasted below the little music movie. I loved the song by Sarah O'Connor. Soon I switched off the TV. I know now that I do not miss much when I go to bed rather early, because I want to get up early to have time for my yoga practice.

I searched my teddy-bear behind my pullovers and t-shirts. He should go to bed with me that night. I wanted some consoling warmth. Teddy-bears are usually patient contemporaries and they know how to listen. Especially my teddy-bear is very good at that. I had a more or less sleepless night. I want to get back to my daily routine.


joy suzanne said...

I feel the same thing watching French tv! And sometimes German TV, too (when Rex the Dog comes on)... Especially I can't stand the women newscasters wearing such sexy outfits, while all the men wear suits. AND the voice of the French presentatrice on Arté who talks in the breathy voice of a baby. It makes me so sick, she's trying to be some kind of sexy baby. Arrrgh.

Sorry you got the smack-down about birthday party photos! Hope you have a nice evening.

Ursula said...

Thank you joy suzanna.
Bf just called me from the airport.
How were you, he asked me.
So lala, I answered.
Then I invite you for dinner, he said.
I cannot complain.

But the story with my parents makes me sick.

Kevin said...

Yum Lebkuchen, they usually sell it here at Christmas.

Ursula said...

Hi Kev, here, too. But they start the Christmas season very early here. I try to resist and wait till it is at least December, but sometimes I get seduced earlier.