Friday, October 17, 2008

Free style

I rolled out the mat and started with some surya namaskara As and one surya namaskara B. The plan was to do the asanas series that I've learned from my pranayama teacher in India.
The system is so flexible. Vinyasas can be done when the feeling comes up that it would be good. I was not lazy. I did even a lot of full vinyasas, returned to samasthiti and started again with hands up.
I wobbled when I did standing poses. These are the balancing poses.
The sequence has a lot of forward bends. Doing forward bends it is also possible to open the chest, the shoulders must go down and backwards. The inhaling gets easier with the idea in mind that the chest is opening. My breath was very deep today. I could hear it even though I had background music.
I could reach the wrist in marichyasana c. This hasn't happen for a very long time. To hold the wrist in that demanding pose made me happy. But I also wanted that this would happen. I felt no mercy with me and twisted my body till I could reach the wrist.

Then pranayama 8 rounds and meditation.

Afterwards I stretched a bit. It was a very good session, not classic Ashtanga but good. This was a little miracle as I ate a lot yesterday and I had even retsina and 2 ouzos. But sometimes the body is willing.

And now I will eat, dress. Later I will call my bf to remind him to leave the company to pick me up, so that we will be on time close to Frankfourt. This evening we will have dinner in a nice restaurant we know already from 2 years ago. On Saturday we will stroll over the book fair in Frankfourt. Books, my passion. I will look for some interesting discussions.
My yoga mat will travel with me and my meditation blanket of course, too.


Yoga Babe Cafe said...

That picture you posted is so beautiful, both as an image and the pose. Who took the picture I have to wonder. Thanks for posting. - Adele

Men-Ho said...

Hello Ursula!
Just found your blog while googling for something interesting to read under the keyords "yoga blog".
Many things to relate to, many others to learn from and, surely, such interesting experiences to share.
Thank you and keep on going!

A yoga practicioner from Lisbon, Portugal

Ursula said...

Hi yoga babe cafe,
The pose is setu bandhasana and it is the last post of the middle part of the first Ashtanga series. The stronger the body, the less pressure is on the neck.

Hi men-ho,
Thank your for you compliment and wonderful practices.