Monday, October 06, 2008

An evening routine

I had time and I wanted to meditate in the evening. I did the routine that I learned in Gokulam from the pranayama teacher. This means I started with asanas, that prepared me for pranayama. Then I did 6 rounds of alternate nostril breathing, that prepared me for meditation.

I set my meditation clock for 16 min. Thoughts, which were more or less phantasy, imagined situation altered with sensations. I felt that I started sweating, I felt the impulse to scratch my back, my leg hurt for a while. Then imagined situation arose again. I let them go. I could sit 16 min. Is this boring, I wondered today. Thoughts came up that it is boring to meditate, but these thoughts flew away as well. At the end I thought that it was much less boring to sit and meditate than to iron my clothes.

This evening is TV evening. They broadcast a movie called "My heart is in Chile". Yesterday was the first part, today the second. I do not watch TV so often, when I do it, it is relaxing and just something else. I am looking forward to it. Drinking a cup of tea and being entertained, that's it for today.


Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi Ursula -
You sound good. Determined, focused. I'm so curious what is on your difficult list!

Did the fridge get delivered and set up? I liked the idea of keeping butter outside. I couldn't do that here. Although it is lovely today, last week it was still 105 degrees (Fahrenheit)!! Ayy!

I still have to get my book out to find the asana spellings also! :)


Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

I have to change my post. The guys were just here and set up the fridge. Now I have to wait 6 hours till I can switch it on. That's OK. One thing is done. I don't have to sit here waiting.

A difficult task i.e. is to take my bicycle to the repair shop. It stood 2 years in the backyard. It is rainy and cold during winter times. What is difficult is that I have to face that I have neglected almost everything in my life during the last years. I only worked and worked and worked for companies (not even my own). Is this an excuse?

Next difficult task is that I need new glasses. My eyes got worse. I have to face that I get older. To face the truth is not always easy.

To find birthday presents for my parents (70 and 80 years old now) is most difficult. Next Saturday we are at the birthday party.

But I have time to attack this all, this is the good news. It is such a relief.

Sleep well.