Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Do me a favour....

"Do me a favour and stop talking abut the birthday party."
I stopped talking about it. (Unfortunately I didn't stop thinking about it.)
My bf is not spiritual, but also he knows, what counts is the current moment, nothing else.

Nevertheless: The book fair in Frankfourt was great. We finished the book fair in a wonderful restaurant in Heidelberg enjoying each and every bite. E. knew the restaurant already from an earlier visit.
We started with a Martini rosso at the bar because we had to wait 10 min for a seat.
As a starter I had a field salad with walnut sauce. Under the salad I found 3 marinated cocktail tomatoes. They tasted of garlic and honey.
The best was the main course. I had ordered a risotto. Usually this is a rather heavy meal. But in that posh restaurant it was not heavy. Cauliflower was in the risotto, perfectly cooked, so that I still had something to bite. Around the risotto was a brown sauce (very delicious) and above the risotto was red beet pulp. On top was a thin slice of red beet, which decorated the meal. I ordered the recommended white wine.
The ambience was perfect, so was the service. We had a wonderful evening.

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