Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Being distracted is certainly a topic in my life. I managed it to check my emails, I put the wet clothes on the festoon drier, I adjusted a hundred times my mat, I walked around and all that happened during my holy yoga practice. If I were still at school, they certainly would give me pills to calm me down.

I practiced. Yeppeeeee. Really, I am glad. I don't mind that I was distracted, I returned to my mat and I gave my very best.

Pashasana: I couldn't reach my fingers, even though I tried this pose twice. Usually during the second time I can go deeper into the pose, but not today.
Usthrashana was my last pose of the second series. I did one variation, that I saw in the book by Sweeney. I stretched one arm close to the ear backwards. This shall lengthen the body and is supposed to be a preparation for urdhva dhanurasana. I think this is true. It feels good.
Urdhva dhanurasana: I could lift me up three times and I could even do it with straight arms. To bend backwards from standing position was weak today. Breathing is important I thought, this was my focus.

When inhaling I stretched and lengthened my body, when exhaling I folded deeper into the pose.

My practice was better than the last days, nevertheless hard.
Now I feel good.
I have still time to meditate before meeting C. for lunch.


alfia said...

Hi, Ursula:

You sound very serene. So nice!
Distractions are a huge problem in my life, too. Adult ADD, I think - in my case. :D

Ursula said...

Hi alfia,

Yes, I feel good.
I also know to do anything is better than to do nothing. In the long run it means less pain, even though the single practice might bring some pain.

Good food, vegan food is important. I see the connection. Time to go for lunch.

Have a wonderful time.


joy suzanne said...

Hey Ursula, nice to have a vegan retaurant in town! Last night I convinced an "American" hamburger restaurant to offer some veggie burgers on their menu and they were really enthusiastic about it. They are French people who have never been to the US but they love country music (ugh) and they have a cowboy bar! It's near my apartment, hilarious.

We have a veggie restaurant here called Tripti Kulai. I think it is run by a sect but I don't care! They have framed photos of a monk or holy man that I don't recognize, and they all wear robes!

Anyway, you're right, veganism is the best for the us, the animals, and the environment. Do you have a lot of vegan resources in Germany? Maybe I should be looking at .de sites for certain supplies, instead of .uk or in the US. Shipping is too expensive.

Ursula said...

Hi joy suzanne,

In the meantime we have 3 vegan restaurants in Munich. It was great food today. The mousse au chocolate was perfect. Nevertheless I would say that most people do not even know what it is. Sometimes I say that I am a vegetarian. This does sometimes provoke the question if I eat fish. A lot of information is still needed.

Last year I was in France and I think something has changed there, too. I got much more than only "les crudite". French people are flexible and I had delicious vegan food nicely offered and often they knew what it was, because I was asked if I ate eggs.

The story about your restaurant round the corner is funny. Very nice that they are so open.

Enjoy your meals. :)


I think we have some vegan online shops. www.veganbasics.de i.e. (I hope the address is correct. I am sure you can find online shops in Germany when you google.)