Thursday, October 30, 2008

The daily "tantalization"

Late I was on my mat, I guess it was already lunch time. The wish to do the entire second series does not exist for the time being. I want to go deeper into back bending. It's better to do asanas twice or to hold them longer than to hurry from asana to asana, I think. The reason why I think so might be that I see slow progress in urdhva dhanurasana. This motivates me to work on that pose.

I practiced till ushtrasana: First I try to lengthen the body with the inhaling. I stem the hands against the hips and press them forward. With the exhaling I go back. Then I try to stay there. This is demanding. I try to make the inhaling as deep and long as possible in order to open the chest and in order to bend deeper. With an inhaling I come up.
Despite this preparation I felt a mental block to do urdhva dhanurasana. So I started doing the bridge. And then I pressed my hands into the floor, arched my back and I was in the pose. Breathing, breathing, breathing. Down. Buh. Again. Up, up. Buh. Breathing, breathing. Walking the hands to the feet, at least a little bit. Buh, hard. I did it. Down.
I arched back from standing position, too. Today I didn't stretch my arms backwards, they remained at the back of my legs. I try to go forward with my hips as much as possible. To remain in the pose is important so that the body can relax and finally that the arch becomes deeper. This is so hard. Three times I bowed backwards, always trying to lengthen the body first. Done. I won't judge how it was. It is always good when I try something.

I did the closing sequence with the CD by Sharath. In Mysore I couldn't hold sirsasana as long as counted. Today I could hold sirsasana for 15 breath, but then I had to go down. I was too weak to hold the legs in the 90 degrees position. Next time.

To relax was so difficult today. So many thoughts came up. Time to meditate. Time to become aware of the present moment again. Now, always now. Very important.

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