Friday, October 24, 2008

Business clothes are back on the hanger

I am enthusiastic. I'd like to work for that company. That's my first impression after the interview at noon.
First I'd like to start with a quote that I found in the book "A glimpse of nothingness" by Jan willem Van de Wetering. I'm reading the book in German so the quote is freely translated by me. Page 17 - German edition: Again I was a jumping jack, a marionette that is moved via threads that are fixed at a metal hook. The marionette is programmed in an unknowable way. The marionette was dropped again to continue her little danse. But it became a danse and it is no more a depressing, painful stamping. I had started to find fun at that game that some forces played with me.

Me, too, I enjoyed the danse today after a lazy day at home yesterday.
Yes, the day yesterday was awful. I ate potatoe chips, Italian cakes, I drank red wine and coffee. The TV programme wasn't so exciting either, only depressing. But I couldn't stop watching. Unhappy I went to bed to find out this morning that I deserve the famous "ladies holidays".

As I have done nothing yesterday, I had to do all the necessary steps to garantee a sucessful interview this morning. This morning I wanted to prepare myself for the interview. I must give something to the people, who will talk to me, I thought. Luckily my new business cards arrived. But I also had to complete my folder with my cv. I was busy this morning to print out some missing papers. I dressed nicely, put some eau de toilette behind the ears and wanted to leave the house on time. Then I couldn't find the keys, not even after some hectic searching. I had a suspect - my bf. I called him and so it was. He had taken my keys and his were still in his bag. So before the interview we met each others in front of the company. My thoughts: see quote above. It is all out of my control. I even had to laugh about this little mishap.

I'd like to work for that company, even though I'd be the oldest person there then. I like youngsters. I know how to impress youngsters, I couldn't resist to mention in a subordinate clause that I was in India lately. Young people are adventures, they usually want to see the world. I got the expected reaction - an interested "ohhhh, you were in India". After 40 many people are full of fear, often fat they fear to become ill when they move. The sofa seems to be a safe place. Not everybody is like this, I know, I know.

I want to meditate now. Then I will meet E.'s mother. E. will join us later for dinner.
Again I see that the best time to do yoga is the early morning. During a day so many other things happen that might force to change the planned schedule.

My excuses why I missed my yoga practice today:
- I had to prepare the interview.
- I got up too late.
- Ladies holidays.
It shouldn't be today.


Chakra said...

Some times I also skip Yoga practice because, I get up late or busy with work. If I miss, I feel uneasy whole day similar to you don't take bath or skipped breakfast. Good luck with you interviews! - Chakra from India

Kevin said...

Hope you get the job Ursula.

I. got her cheese making equipment delivered today, now she just needs electricity, water and some milk!

Have a nice weekend

Ursula said...

OMG, hi Kev, I think often about I., but I was too busy to write her.

I thought she is already making cheese. And I thought she has electricity?
I hope she is well. Please greet her from me. Send her my very best wihses.

When I get the job, it's limited till February next year. This means I have again time to travel when I save some money. :)

Have a nice weekend


Ursula said...

Hi Chakra,
Thank you. Something is missing when I didn't practice.

Have a wonderful time.


joy suzanne said...

Crossing my fingers for you!

Kevin said...

I. moved her business to a bigger building. She has been having the cheese made by someone else, but now she has decided to start making it herself, so she bought the equipment, but needs plumbing and extra electricity.Certainly I will pass on your best wishes to her.

Hope you are having a nice weekend.