Sunday, October 05, 2008

Burning incenses is not necessary in order to meditate

I found so many incenses here at home, but for what. Will they serve my meditation pracitce? Meditation is a jouney to the inside. The outside is a distraction when meditating. There is always a distraction from the outside as we live in that world. While sitting, the neighbours might come home, the leg might start hurting, it might be cold. These are events we might register, but they are not the focus of our interest when we meditate. It is the inner world that is the topic. To explore the flow of thoughts (inner world) no incenses are necessary. They might even nebulize everything. Meditation is a tool to get to know oneself. That's also why I close my eyes now.

Incenses might be nice when watching TV, they aren't a help on the way to awakening.

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C.K. said...

Hi Ursula,

My teacher says that incense helps clear the astral plane.