Monday, October 13, 2008


Back home now.
I was awake, I was in the present, I was able to create a friendly atmosphere and I was even able to listen at the interview. Next Monday I will get the OK, so that I can start working there for a few months. Haha, of course I do not know this, but I am optimistic.
After so much focus and concentration I was hungry. I entered my home, put the business clothes on the hanger and ate sunflower bread with hummus and tomatoes. It was enough to fill the stomach. It should give me the energy back.

Plan for tomorrow is done:
to order new business cards
to start and finish the tax declaration. This should be enough.


Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hello Ursula-
Job offers coming!! That is wonderful news! See, I knew that things would fall into place for you!

The party photo is lovely. Was it a good time? And you are also back to your practice. Don't worry - you're very dedicated, you won't leave yoga behind!

I like to remind myself that today is a new day in a new week and what I do today matters much more than the past. Right?

Best to you!

Ursula said...

Relax and all is coming. I am cool for the time being. That's good. What shall happen, will happen, I think.

The party was good, too private to publish everything.

Each moment is a new start.

All the best.