Thursday, October 02, 2008

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

I still have this cold in my nose. My nose is a bit clogged, not much but a bit. It is as if the body cannot make a decision. Shall I get a cold now or not, I wonder. I had an apple for breakfast to facilitate the decision for my body: no cold please. The yoga practice helps as well to stay healthy.

After a long sleep I got up and found my way to the mat. The first surya namaskara was awful. I am glad that nobody saw me, like a very old woman who hasn't moved for ages I tried to bow forward. Quickly I got more flexible after this disastrous start.
Pashasana: I could not touch the fingers not even when I was on my heels. Yesterday this pose was so good (with the help of B.)
Urdhva dhanurasana: I lifted myself up - 3 times. "When will it be able to drop back on my own", I thought. Must change self-talk here, very important. "UD, my favourite pose, ahhh finally I can work on this pose", I should think instead.
I thought that my practice is so humble, everything could be better already. Being in relaxing pose I finally thought "how nice, that I practiced, I feel so good now".

I had an idea, influenced by my stay in Mysore. Once a week they offer a led class. Why not doing this here as well. Friday is primary series day and I have the CD by Sharath. This is my plan. Not for next Friday, because next Friday we will have a day off and E. will be at home. But once a week a led class (switching on a CD) is very good I think.

Exactly after my yoga practice and before my meditation my phone rang and the landlord gave the OK for the refrigerator. Things get done. I am so glad. Soon the water meter will be replaced as well. I was not able to initiate a replacement for 2 years. Now I feel already what a relief it will be when everything will be done.

Meditation: I did it, it was difficult to sit so long in lotus pose.


mangotree said...

Sorry to hear about your cold. Do you use neti pot for cleansing the nasal path? I have started 3 months ago and now if I don't do it for a day or too I totally can feel the difference, it is really great.
Another thing, how long do you usuallys spend meditating?

Ursula said...

The cold has not yet arrived. :)
I don't use a net pot and I don't start using one. My nose may live in peace, I won't bother it.

Regarding meditation: I use a meditation clock. Before I meditate I do pranayama. Pranayama is half of the length of meditation. My goal is to meditate 20 min, but I am not able to do it. This morning I meditated 11 min, my alarm clock was set for 14 min. When I start looking at my alarm clock I stop meditating. I bow forward 3 times and this was it. It must grow. To meditate is not easy for me.

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi Ursula!

I'm so glad that the fridge and water meter are coming! Bit by bit, progress is made.

I know just how you feel with the cold. My husband has had a horrible one, with lots of congestion and fever. So I've been waiting to see if I can pass it up or if it will catch me.

I made a big pot of soup for my family full of all vegetables, especially cabbage, and I've been eating even more fruit, and so far, so good. Like you, I also think that yoga practice helps the body to increase its immune response.

The last few times I have had or almost had a cold, I found that alternate nostril breathing a few times a day was very helpful. I think the extra oxygen and prana helps to fight the germs as well.

Be healthy!

Ursula said...

Hi Marie,
I just came from your blog and I read that you are busy with yoga. Very good.

I still feel healthy. Still. I relax, I walk, I eat well. Ahhhhh eating. Today we will go out for dinner - Indian restaurant. I am so curious how I will find it. You know, we make a "little" party, we too, due to his service for 20 years for the one company.

Stay healthy as well. Take care. Best wishes to you and your family.