Monday, October 27, 2008

And now it is 5 p.m.

I have just finished my morning practice. OK, I must admit I was distracted from time to time and checked my emails too often. I managed it to make 2 appointments with friends. I read that I won't get the job round the corner, I informed my bf about it, but I always got back to my mat and practiced. I swear, not one single asana was omitted nor the vinyasas. It was all incredible hard. I desperated. This is not a joke or an exxageration. It was hard.
I think my life-style became not really Ashanga yoga friendly: 2 pounds more, too much booze, too many moon days. I must get back to a strict vegan diet. I know this, this is good for my body and for the animals. Tomorrow I will have lunch with C. in a vegan restaurant here in Munich. It is the Zerwirk. It is a good opportunity to refresh all the good resolutions and to have fun.
No, I don't give up. No, never.
Picture: This is Bavaria with mountains and cows on the field (not in the street).
........and now I deserve an apple. :)


Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi Ursula -
Sorry about the job. Good to hear you're decluttering. That's a nice feeling of accomplishing something.

Also getting back to your stricter diet. I think you feel better when you eat "better". I was thinking that maybe I'll try to improve some of my habits this month as well.

Habits - they're so... habitual. :)


Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

It is OK with the job. They described what I had to do and I knew that it meant stress. It is good to get quick decisions.

Yeah, lets change our bad habits. Your last sentence makes me laugh, yes, very habitual.

Decluttering is very good. I accomplished a lot today. It frees me. I have still too much things, but I am not able to do all at once.


globie said...

I like the picture with the cows from Bayern who make my Milka :-)

Good luck with the job hunting, I am sure there is a job just around the corner.

Ursula said...

Bavaria is beautiful, without doubt.

There will be another opportunity. So far I still enjoy the vaccuum. I still have so much to do, in the house, tax declaration. And finally I also want to see some friends.