Sunday, October 19, 2008

....and the book fair in Frankfourt itself

My personal highlight: I opened a book and found a picture of my former Aikido teacher. The book showed on the left side a picture of a famous politician, writer, painter, comedian or what ever. On the right side this person should say something to the following words:
Love, life philosophy, success, self-knowledge, luck, spirituality, death.
Some people quoted famous writers like Hemmingway, others thought by themselves. One answer I found twice: Success meant "to fail, to fail again, to fail better" for 2 people. It is negative, even though I like these negative answers regarding success. Does success come from alone when we do not confuse anymore the contents of thoughts with reality? Geerd Walter, the Aikido teacher thinks so. Death was a taboo for many.

Of course I wanted to know what E. associated when hearing these words. I asked him when we were at the restaurant after the fair. It was funny. Spirituality does not say anything to him, but I think he is much more spiritual as he thinks he is. We enjoyed the current moment, what else is spirituality.

I had the opportunity to talk to one of the visitors there, another person who wanted to write a book. We encouraged each other to do it.

Ok, this was supposed to be an inspiration, something I brought back from the book fair, a few thoughts, luckily no book.

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