Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Alone and with others

I am a fan of my home practice. To practice alone is the final goal is my conviction. But sometimes support is needed. My Mysore class every Wednesday night gives me this support. We were 6 people today, one of them was a man. As usual we were all committed and we tried to push the limits a bit further away. Laughter happened too. When this happens I am always reminds me that this exhausting practice is supposed to be fun and it is fun. I feel great now even so I would say that my body was moody today. The body was moody not the mind: Here a little pain, here a bit overstretched. This evening I gathered enough motivation for my morning practice. And now it is time to sleep.


Kevin said...

There is an extra energy and heat when yogi's practice together.My practice is ALWAYS better at the shala with others, along with a good teacher.You have B we have C!

Ursula said...

Yes, that's right.