Monday, October 27, 2008

Action - no collections

This morning I went through my bedspreads. It is stored under the bed and became a collection. Some of the stuff is more than 15 years old, at least. Aren't 4 pairs of bedspreads enough? It is. Nevertheless it was a difficult task this morning. Let go, I thought, let go. It is easy to find better substitutes in case I would miss anything. The most beautiful bedspreads now are left. Quickly I brought the ugly and old ones including a rag rug (what a word :) ) down and threw it into the garbage can in the backyard. It is a relief. It is good, that I have done it.

The white cotton bedspread, thought as a dower is still under the bed. 30 years I'v kept it now. I use it, even not married, but one day........I will let go of this old bedspread, my dower, too.

To throw things away is symbolic, nothing can be held, nothing is for eternity. Everything must go sooner or later. What an exercise.

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