Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 min pranayama, 10 min meditation

This is enough for me.
After a week of practice you can do 10 min pranayama and 20 min meditation, I read in the book by Yogani. For me this is too much.
My next step is to combine the 5 min pranayama with the 10 min meditation. I want to remain sitting in lotus pose. So far I stop between these "activities" for a min or so. I open my legs to relax them. On Mondays I take the right leg first to fold into padmasana, on Tuesday I take the left leg first and so on.

In Mysore they strictly paid attention, that students only take the right leg first when doing padmasana.
M. Sweeney recommends to alter legs after one year of practice.
The more I read the more different messages and even belief systems I find.

Be your own guru becomes more and more important the longer I practice. I prefer to exercise the right side exactly as the left side, so I change legs when I do padmasana.

I fell of the waggon. It is 1 o'clock and I have not yet done yoga. I was not able to protect myself from outside influences lately. There was no silent observer, but a furious activist.
Meditation is my reminder to get back from doing to being, being an observer.


Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi U -
Regarding your comments about how long you sit for meditation. As I am very restless, here's what I told myself -

When we meditate, we experience the Now, only this moment, always this moment, the Now. That one single moment holds everything, Infinity, all of time and space within it.

Therefore, what does it matter how long meditation lasts by external time measures? Even one minute is enough to experience the timeless state of Now.

At least, that makes me feel better! :)

Namaste and a cheerful day to you!

Ursula said...

I will try this.
Sometimes I think "My friend Osho help me". This helps, too. :)



JoeyB said...

An important note on meditation. Let it come to you. You don't go to it. Pay attention to the breath and the gap between the breaths. Find the gap. Love your web. Keep up the good work.

John B.

Ursula said...

Oh, thank you.
To let it come is a good idea. I started seeing the advantages of letting it happen, being passive.