Monday, October 27, 2008

12 o'clock

We both got up too late. I don't add "as usual". I prepared a cup of coffee for him, while he was packing his suitcase. He, my bf is travelling to England this evening. Next time I will see him Thursday night and Friday we will fly to Istanbul, Turkey. So to prepare a cup of coffee was really not much I could do on our last morning for a while.

Decluttering this morning was important. To let go is always important.

I did pranayama (spinal breathing) and I meditated. I mentioned it so often, but again it was clear to me: 10 min are enough for me. Today my head was tickling me. I didn't scratch. Feeling, feeling, I thought. It was not easy. Many thoughts came up. I let them go. I like meditation, because I know nothing can be accomplished. Each session is different. The task is to observe and to let go, to focus on the breath and to get back to my little mantra "I am". Sometimes it is easier, sometimes it seems to be impossible. That's it.

12 o'clock now. I have still a lot of time for my yoga practice and my tax declaration. That's all I really want to do. I have time till midnight. It should be doable.

Picture: It is the Wendelstein, where we spent a few nice hours last weekend.


Kevin said...

Istanbul is a great city, I went with I. a couple of years ago.Have a nice trip

Ursula said...

E. was there on a business trip this year and he loved it very much.

We hope that it will be still warm there. :)

globie said...

We went in November, it was sunny, but quite cold. We did a boat trip to the Black sea, OMG it was freezing cold, we ate lots of chocolate. I always end up eating lots of chocolate when I am with Iona!

Ursula said...

OH, thank you for the hint to take warm clothes with me. I hate it to feel cold.

Do you both like chocolate? That's funny.

My plan for next year is to go to the chocolate fair in Paris. We should meet there. That would be fun.

Kevin said...

Iona and I both LOVE chocloate,when we travel we always end up buying some every day, we ate lots in Munich last year! I didnt know there is a chocolate fair in Paris, it would be fun to go.

Yes Istanbul was cold, wrap up warm.

Ursula said...

We checked the weather. It is supposed to be warm and sunny. But nevertheless I will take my winter coat with me. I don't want to feel cold.

Chocolate,yeah, very good.