Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Whomever I asked

Whomever I asked yesterday if they would practice today, I heard: Yes, of course.
The shala is closed today as there is the Ganesh festival. But the Ashtanga yoga students here are very committed: no day without yoga. I had planned to practice, too. But I didn't get out of bed this morning. When the alarm clock rang I switched it off and turned my body to the other side. Now I know that this was not such a good idea as I had a nightmare. I dreamed of my last job. Finally I got up. I had no bottled water at home so I headed for Vivien's breakfast cafe after the shower. I hoped very much that she was open today and she was open. Yepeee. I had a very good cup of very black and hot coffee (coffee must be black like the hell and hot like the sin) and an Indian breakfast, Indian bread with aubergine chutney. I ordered extra honey.

On my way home I bought bottled water. In front of the temple was a long queue. Do they all want that Ganesh removes the obstacles in their businsesses, I wondered. Usually people buy some flowers that they donate. I should pray to Ganesh, too. Still I have time to write my book, but I have not yet started. Please, Ganesh remove my obstacles: my obstacles come in form of laziness and doubts. Despite these difficulties I managed it to do some brainstorming on my contents while sitting at Vivien's breakfast cafe. Let's see what I can develop. Relax and all is coming.


Lars said...

In the Hindu pantheon, Ganesh (or Ganapati), the son of Shiva and Parvati, is a popular and beloved representation of Ishvara. Supplications are made to him for good fortune and to destroy any physical and spiritual obstacles. It is believed that he not only removes encumbrances in our path but, if the wrong path is taken, he will create obstacles to prevent you from continuing in that direction. For this reason Hindus offer a short prayer to Ganesha before beginning auspicious undetakings like exams, travel, conscerts, etc.

Anonymous said...

"GaneshA" festival (in the south).

Happy Ganesha habba to you.

ganapathi bappa mourya purusha varashi loukarya

(relax nothing bad was said)