Saturday, September 27, 2008

Out of the blue

Out of the blue I am in not such an excellent mood. No, I don't want to blame the cold weather, I don't want to blame the monthly flooding, ahhh blooding, I also don't want to blame my mother who draw my attention to the fact that I was getting older and that it would become more difficult to get a job. No, I don't want to blame anything or anybody. When I observe my mood, I think, when I become a witness of my mood, joy and lethargy should become the same - a play of the energies, pure entertainment. :)

And I have a wonderful week before me: Tomorrow we are invited at a birthday party, on Tuesday I will meet a former colleague (and I am so curiuos what he has to tell), in the evening that day I will meet my dear friend B.. On Wednesday I have Mysore class and afterwards I will go out with S. for a drink. S. was in Mysore a few years ago.

In a few hours when we will come back from buying birthday presents downtown I am so sure that my energy level will be up and more funny thoughts will entertain me.
Then I will also be motivated to do yoga, despite the freshness everywhere.
Till then, I think, it is awfully cold and I do not want to work anymore and I don't want to have to buy a new refrigerator. All crap. (Mood changes already for the better....only the weather remains cold.)

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