Saturday, September 13, 2008

A lonely ride (on my mat)

The last hotel had only small ailes between the bed and the wardrobe, between the bed and the desk, between the table and the chest. I didn't like to practice there. But I had to change the hotel and this time I was in a room that was empty in the middle. It was like an invitation to practice.
I rolled out the mat. It was a lonely ride on my mat this morning. Difficult. Something has changed in my self-practice. I do vinyasas between the sides and not only between the different poses. I want to keep that habit that I developped in Gokulam. It made me strong. Did it? I felt weak today. No, I didn't omit anything. Thinking of the led class in the shala didn't help me to have it easier. It is over now and I am happy. The bad practices are important, too.
Time to see E. in the hospital. We will drive over Regensburg to have lunch there. Then back to Munich.

What makes me laugh inside: People are so tall here, I can eat everything here, everything is soooo clean.

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