Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I feel cold

I feel cold. This is the dominating feeling. Cold, damned cold. I don't want to go out anymore. We have enough food at home, so I also can stay at home. I feel lazy. I slept for a few hours. No motivation to do anything. And again the feeling that it is so cold here. I cannot complain my flat is rather warm. I am barfoot. From time to time I open the door to the balcony and stretch my naked foot outside: Cold, I think, so cold. The balcony door should stay closed.
But I am also lazy. Too many chores are waiting for me. They waited for months, now they can wait another day, I think, knowing at the same time that it would be much better to start cleaning anything.
And this fly drives me crazy. I cannot catch it. The sound it is making while flying around is awful.
It sounds as if I had a crash landing here. Now I realize that I was walking a few centimeter above the floor while I was in India. That's over. Flying is over. Now I have to walk again, perhaps I even have to crawl - in the cold.

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