Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gokulam - Bangalore - Frankfourt

I am back. The flight from Frankfourt to Munich is delayed - 50 min. I feel better than I thought that I would. A bit of a headache, a bit tired. That's nothing.

Gokulam: Everything was packed. I was sitting on my bed, waiting for my taxi. I had still 20 min to wait. It knocked on my door and it was L. from NY. How nice to get even a good-bye hug in my last minute in Gokulam.

But then I had to go. The taxi driver was waiting. On my way to Bangalore I saw rice fields and so many little shops. I took my last pictures. There was a lot of traffic. The taxi driver managed it to drive to Bangalore within three and a half hours. This is really great. At the airport I had put 100 Rupie in my hand, we shook hands and the rupie bill wandered silently into his hand. He smiled.
Me: You are a very good driver.
He: Thank you, Mam.
That's what I wanted to hear a last time "Mam". He had opened the roof of his car. His hand was waving above his car when he slowly (?) started driving back to Gokulam.

Here a tip: At the airport my luggage was weighted: it was 26 kg. 6kg too much, they told me. You can either throw 6 kg away. The man showed me a garbage can or you have to pay 30 per kg. Innocent as I am I thought 30 Rupies, but it was Euro of course. So I tried first to find things to throw away. Could I throw away my Gods? No, of course not. Could I throw away my books by Osho? Osho in the garbage can? No, never. So I gave my blue jeans to a cleaning woman, threw away a cooking book and shampoo, deo and things like that. I went to the counter again: 25 Kg.
I "only" had to pay for 24 kg: 120 Euro. Fine. This won't spoil my trip I thought, even though I was sure that not everybody who had more than 20 kg luggage had to pay. Here my hint: In doubt, put the heavy things in your hand luggage. Nobody weights this and travellers often have huge hand luggage. Now I know why.

This morning I arrived at Frankfourt: Where do you come from? At a coffee table I asked an man, who looked Indian. He came from India and we had a lively conversation. I plan to invest in India. :)


Monica said...

Nice to hear that you're in home!

When I travel I always bring to much. I put two plasticbags in top of the suitcase in case they stop me. One for garbage (like shampoo, sun lotions..) And one with books that I press into my handbag in case they insist. My experience is that they let you through when you have books.

Ursula said...

Very good idea.
Next time I'll be smarter.

My book by Osho "The book of secrets" was so heavy.

Tracy said...

the book of secrets is a HUGE book! i had no idea, until it arrievd in my mailbox!!

Lifestyle- Yoga said...

Nice Asana, but it doesnt look real? whats the name of that asana?