Monday, September 29, 2008


On the picture a corn field can be seen. The corn is already cut, the field looks helpless and naked.
But I wanted to write about the book I am currently reading, it is too good, I have to mention it: It is "A gradual awakening" by Stephen Levine.
It is on meditation and I quote from page 3: "We observe the natural process of mind and discover how much of what we so treasured to be ourselves is essentially impersonal phenomena passing by. " Or page 5: "Or to be more precise, it is our identification with this ongoing process as "I" which becomes the problem."
This is easy to understand, but it is easy to forget it, too. This is why daily meditation is so important. It is important to experience that these thoughts that are coming and going are very instable and that it is absurd to be identified with it.

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