Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"You do back bending alone tomorrow."

"You do back bending alone tomorrow," Sa. said this to me this morning. Did I hear the word pashasana in her second sentence. I am not so sure, but I seem to learn at least in the eyes of an experienced teacher. This made my day. To travel home being able to drop back into urdhva dhanurasana from standing position and with an official OK for doing pashasana in my rucksack would be more than I have expected.

I will stay here 2 months, more than three weeks are already over. 1 month would not have been enough. To get used to the country, the intensive practice here in that warm and wet weather needs time. I had this wonderful pranayama class in the beginning, but it needed a lot of energy, too. Now I have the feeling that I can focus on my Ashanga practice. This is great. I often feel as if I have to start from scratch again, that I do not even know how to breath, that I do not pay attention to the right counting and so on. But as so often, sometimes we have to step back in order to advance.

Picture: It is one of the paintings the women do every morning in front of their houses.


alfia said...

Do you know what these pictures are for? Are they just for beauty or have some meaning?

I hope you get pasasana. May be I will get mine, too?

Arturo said...

Hi Ursula
Wow you are really progressing.
You mentioned in a blog a few days ago going out with K. Is that Krista? She's also good friends with Cara. How nice that you all are meeting and that your practice is really progressing. Your observations on money and spending are very Buddhist.

Ursula said...

Hi Arturo,

K. is actually Kathy. But here in Mysore everybody meets everybody. Most people come to the conference on Sundays i.e.



Yoga mudras Training said...

You are really progressing Ursula. Being good is all about Yoga.