Sunday, August 17, 2008

You are too sexy for my love or Pole dancing in India

A. told me from another party and I went at 6 p.m.. Parties in India start early. A performance was part of the party. A Japaneese Ashtangi did pole dancing first. And this in the middle of India in a green wet garden. A. whispered into my ear, while I was taking pictures: "She is almost 50." Me: "Oh." Later others showed their beautiful bodies, rolled on the floor, stood up only in order to throw the body again on the floor, jumping highly again, showing pain and lust. That is what I call a show.
Finally I went. I am no more afraid now to walk alone in the dark. I knew a Riksha stand close to the house and safely I was brought home. It was 9 by then.

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