Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is Mr Ganesh himself

He was the first I contacted when it was clear that I would travel to India. Tracy gave me his email address, but also in Germany he is well-known. Ganesh organised the taxi from Bangalore to Mysore. After my Email, I got an answer within hours. This gave me a lot of trust and I was really insecure if I was able to manage everything well. You cannot imagine how glad I was when I arrived in Bangalore at midnight and there was really standing an Indian taxi driver with a sign in his hands and I could read my name on it.
Every day I am here now to check my Emails and to blog. In my first days I had no PC available and I was very happy that I could check my emails in the little garage (see picture). Now I sit upstairs.
Ganesh organises trips, taxis, his wife Anu prepares delicious meals. It is one of the big meeting points here (almost a living room for so many).
I can only say thank you for the great service that is provided by both of them.


Tracy said...

this one gave me an instant smile!
xxoo (thanks friend!)

Ursula said...

Hahaha, dear Tracy, I knew that you would comment. This is Mr Ganesh in action. He is great.

All the best for you.

Ganesh said...

Oh My God Tracy .... thank u. Thank u Ursula dear. It makes me very happy.

Ursula said...

Oh, you are welcome. :)