Friday, August 29, 2008

A slight difference?

Ashtang yoga has changed my life, some people say here.
I think this is easily possible. If someone gets up an hour earlier in order to do Ashtanga yoga life has changed already. That is not big thing. Life changes all the time.

I have not yet heard that somebody has said: Ashtanga yoga has changed me.
And that is true, because something is missing: AWARENESS.
With awareness much more than only life would change.


Tracy said...

this post really says how I feel about my yoga is my Spiritual practice...but what you say is so very, very true Ursula. You are a bit like a teacher to me my friend~a very wise teacher...(have I told you this already??)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ursala,
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I run a yoga and spiritual jewelry website. I have posted a link to you in our Yoga Resources section to help better connect our users to things they may enjoy.

Could you place a link back to us in your links section? If you could use the words Yoga Jewelry to link to our website that would be great. Our website address is

Thanks and let me know even if your aren't interested.


Ursula said...

Oh, thank you Tracy.

Ursula said...

Hi Mason,

Sorry, but I do not link you as I do not link much at all.

Nevertheless - good business.