Friday, August 29, 2008


I am not yet ready for dropping down into doing urdhva dhanurasana on my own. Too scared.

The shala is almost empty now. I really have space to practice. I prefer to have more space.
A man told me this morning after practice that the need for space can change. The longer you were in India the less space you would need, he told me. He is probably right.

Can we focus on 2 things at the same time? I remember that even scientists wrote about that matter. I think it is not possible. It is only possible to go from one focus to the next. This can be done very quickly. But one thing at at time is probably the only possible way. And my focus was the breathing today, the length of the breathing to be precise. Inhaling was supposed as long as exhaling.
Tomorrow during led class it will be the right vinyasas. This has also something to do with breathing, but it emphasizes the connection between the movements and the breathing.


M_in_M said...

Thanks for your blog. It's very informative; especially to me as I'm leaving for Mysore for the first time tomorrow evening. I wonder - are you practicing with Saraswathi or Guruji?

I shall be registering to practice with Saraswathi on Sunday. I am feeling scared yet excited about this trip. Your blog is reassuring and informative - so, thank you for your efforts!

- Chin

Ursula said...

Hi Chin,
I practice with Saraswathi and she is a very good teacher. She seems to love her students and she cares for every single one.

A bit of excitment is very good. Don't be scared. In case you need some infos, you can ask me.

Have a safe trip!


M_in_M said...

Thanks, Ursula!