Monday, August 11, 2008

Pranayama - Day 6

Pranayama Teacher: "They are very nice people here, they have a very beautiful mind, but they are not organised. "
We had no matches to light the candle. An empty matches box was next to the candle.
Me: I can imagine a light.
He: The light is insight you.

At the end of the session the candle was burning. Matches appeared somehow. :)
Relax and all is coming, I thought.

Today we did simple inhaling and exhaling using 2 bandhas - throat bandha and mula bandha. The goal was to get used to it. After each round I did normal breathing to relax. To relax is necessary. 20 rounds I did. Only the intensity shall grow now, not the quantity. I should describe it all more precisly what I am doing, somehow I am too lazy to do it.

My pranayama teacher is practicing pranayama 30 years. He must like doing it.

My busy schedule today:
Ashtanga yoga at 9,
Pranayama class at 12,
Lunch with the Danish girl at 2,
Checking emails and blogging at 3,
Buying bottled water at 5:30,
Meeting at the coconut stand at 6.
Life can be busy here.

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