Monday, August 04, 2008

Pranayama class

I enrolled for a pranayama class and today at 12 o clock I had my first lesson.

At the end of the description of the class was written.
Learning is sacred - please maintain sanctity and discipline in the classes, without giving vent to ego.

My first lesson was more on theory, but I was asked to bring my yoga mat tomorrow.
I am the only student. The teacher, an Indian man, dressed in white clothes, stood in front of me, while I was sitting on a sofa. So he started his lecture. Finally he sat on a chair. He wrote important infos on a blackboard and I was asked to write it in my journal.

Only one thing I want to write about the class: The right order is according to the "holy texts": First asanas, then pranayama, then meditation. I will try it and probably this will make it easier for me to meditate as I am no more so fitful after a yoga practice. I shall see.

I have already a busy schedule now:
At 7 I get up, prepare my cup of coffee, take a shower and write my journal.
At 9 I practice at the shala.
At 12 I have a pranayama class lasting 1 1/2 hours.
At 2 I have lunch somewhere.
At 3 I finally sit at Anu s internet cafe upstairs, answering my Emails and blogging.

By then it is 5. When I am courageous, I plan to explore something new. Today I like to go to the Southern Inn to have a tea there and some sweets. Otherwise I will go home and start writing my book. Since yesterday I have this extension cable.

By 6 the last shoppings have to be done. Do I still have bottled water, bananas, chocolate? When it is dark I am at home. Of course I am interested in the night life here, but to discover this part of the city I still need some time.

Oh, I am already very busy.


Kevin said...

A nice way to spend your day.

Anonymous said...

Hi U-
It's nice that you're getting such a steady routine.

It sounds like a very interesting and enriching daily schedule.

Did you say that you are the ONLY student in the class? Does that feel awkward?