Monday, August 25, 2008

Practice this morning

Somehow there must be a certain organization at the shala. I arrived at 8 and I was asked in: "One more". I took an empty space on the carpet. After my 2 first surya namaskara A's Sh. came to me: "You change your place." I heard something from "too early" and "8:15". And that's true, Sa. told me to come at 8:15. But as I am, I am always too early. But I understood. So I changed my place. I took my mat and rolled it out in the last row on the stony floor. After another 3 suryas Sa. came to me: "You change your place." I got back to the first space that I just had left. I understood. Tomorrow I will be on time and this will be 8:15 sharp.

During the next poses I asked myself how Sh. can know that Sa. told me to come at 8:15. Then I remembered that I had to send a picture with my application. So when they use the application to make some notes, Sa and Sh. have the same info. They only have to find the person who suits to the picture. Ha - back to the breath, inhaling pause exhaling pause.........

Practice was good. Between some poses I wondered why I torture myself every morning with these difficult asanas. Deep inside myself I must know it.

"Yoga makes strong," Sh. said yesterday. "The breath and the dristhis have changed my life." I know what he means. The dristhis are a bit neglected during my practice, but I can see that the breath has the potential to change our all lifes (for the better of course). It can make me more relaxed. And when I am more relaxed I am usually enjoying life more.


Kevin said...

That's a beautiful picture of you. You look so relaxed, happy and content.

I thought German's were always on time!

Lars said...

This is a beautiful example of the irony of being 'on time' in the shala as the shala runs on 'shala time'. Outside the shala there is yet another concept of time and being 'on time'. It's so perfect.

Ursula said...

Hi Kev, no work and I look 10 years younger. hahaha.

To be on time here has a difficulty as the clock in the shala has another time than the clocks outside. OMG, what a challenge.

Marie said...

That's so funny. So what lars said is true. There really IS a separate shala time.

I bet it's part of that "testing" the students...

The photos are lovely - you do look beautiful and happy!


Kevin said...

2 time zones in Mysore.You need 2 watches! India time and yoga time!

I get to be a year older tomorrow,stress of work makes me look 10 years older! Last year I was in Munich for my Birthday with you, it doesnt seem a year ago, time passes so fast.