Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Party

L. (a friend of boodiba btw, the world is small) had her birthday party (another party is following, smile) and I was invited at her house. The people of the commune were still in the kitchen, cutting all these ripe vegetables and fruits when I arrived. They conjured up a most delicius meal. Slowly more people arrived at the party from all parts of this world: Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Spain, England, Australia, Germany and of course from America. All had one in common, the passion for Ashtanga yoga.
At the end of the meal we even had a chocolate cake decorated with fresh fruit. L. blew out all the flames of the candles with only one breath. This was worth an applause.
I was the first guest and I left the party with the last guests. Often it is a bit awkward and artificial when people hug each other after a party. Not so here. We hugged each other when leaving and it was so cordial. Ashtangis are body people.

At about 11 p.m. I left the house. It was warm outside. I looked up, the sky was cloudy, but between these white clouds the full moon looked down to me. I could not resist a smile. Who else sees the moon right now? I thought. Who else thinks that life is beautiful.

I slept very well this night.


Kevin said...

The moon is full here in Bali, it looks wonderful.

annabella said...

Ohhhh, I know L! Give her a hug for me, okay?

I miss her!

Glad to read about your wonderful trip (and appreciate the gorgeous photos too!)

eeyore said...

that's lovely ursula. made me all tingly at the end:)

Ursula said...

Oh, the moon.

Hi annabella, I will greet her. Now I have 2 gifts. Your greetings and my journal.

Thank you eeyore. Then my writing was good. :)

joy suzanne said...

Ursula! What a beautiful post. I felt some tingles as well... I love reading your blog!