Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nescafe this morning

Oh I had a Nescafe this morning. I drank it on my balcony, sitting on my blanket. I ate one of these little bananas. What a luxury in the middle of India.


eeyore said...

ursula, you're making me want to be there even sooner than next month! love reading you, see you in mysore.

Tracy said...

you know what is "to die for"??? those little tiny bananas..with those little limes squeezed over them!!! i had those almost every morning for breakfast~~ an absolute Must!

Ursula said...

Eeyore, You will love it to be here.

Tracy, every morning when I eat this little bananas I think of you, as I know that you had the same for breakfast. I will try them with limes.