Saturday, August 30, 2008

My white calves are too hot for India

I look exotic here. It is probably because I have blond hair. People look at me. It is very friendly. Often I smile when people look at me, then they smile back or say hello.
It is hot here and yesterday I wore a yellow skirt that covered my knees and a T-shirt with short sleeves. I had the feeling that was too much. The eyes of the Indians remained a bit too long on my legs. This can be dangerous in that chaotic traffic.

What to bring to India during monsoon time: Comfortable pair of trousers, some for colder days and some for warmer days. Comfortable because most of the time we sit here on matresses in half lotus pose. It is also good when the trousers go till the ankles, because it is at least a bit of protection re the mosquitos. One skirt is enough for a party or to provoke a bit. Some of my clothes that I have in my suitcase I cannot use (too short skirts).
I like Indian clothes, but not for me.

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joy suzanne said...

Ursula, this makes me smile ;)

I will be sure to bring long skirts if I ever come to Mysore. I, too, am of the white-calved variety. Sometimes I feel even feel a little exotic in the south of France, ha ha.

It's a treat to read your blog in the morning.