Saturday, August 09, 2008

My very Indian breakfast this morning

A man of the Green Leaf was in Sweden and Finland and even in Hamburg, Germany. He likes to recommend me something, as he knows what I do not know. To be honest I know nothing, I do not know what stands behind of the names that I find in the menu. So today I told him that I would like to eat something light. My breakfast was delicious. On the right side is something sweet. The food on the left side is even a bit spicy. And :)


Tracy said...

the green leaf is one of my favorite places to eat dinner, never have i had breakfast there...but you MUST try "Six Main" before you leave!! It is actually not too far from the Green Leaf and I KNOW you will LOVE this place! Please go and see! It is wonderful!

Ursula said...

Hi Tracy, yesterday I was at "Six Main". It is great to listen to American music in India. The food was delicious, too.

Nevertheless I remain a fan of Green Leaf. :)


Anonymous said...

The breakfast looks delicious, could you let me know what it is? I'd like to have the sauces and the sweet thing myself in the morning; I'd buy the ingredients in an Indian shop here in Germany ...mmhhh, it looks so good!!!