Friday, August 01, 2008

My first night in my new room

The highlights:
It is my round balcony with the marble floor. The balcony goes to the street, but I do not care: I sit on my blanket there for my pranayama and meditation practice.
And I have a huge bed - queen size ohhhhh king size of course. I get almost lost when I am there so large is it.

Yesterday in the early evening I sat on my balcony and I enjoyed it just to be there.
Later I feared that the room would be lould perhaps I could hear the man of the house making loud phone calls. Later I could hear a woman and a man talking together. How long will they talk to each other, I wondered. Longer than German couples? In average one has found out a couple is talking 10 min with each other every day. This is not possible with me. 10 is the average. The couple talked longer, too, but finally before 10 p.m. it was quit in the house and less and less motorollers were blowing the horn, too.

The room is quit during the night and I slept wonderfully.

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