Saturday, August 02, 2008

My evening routine in Mysore

Slowly routines establish.

Before it is getting dark I walk down the main street for shopping. Usually I need bottled water and some bananas for the breakfast. Yesterday I even found Nescafe and ginger tea at the supermarket. Then I walk home. I can prepare a cup of tea for me now as I have a watercooker. At home I put my blanket on the marble floor of the balcony and then I eat the chocolate and drink the tea. Yes, I buy chocolate here. It is a bit Western luxury for me.

Then I do pranayama and meditation. Even though the balcony goes to the street, people who walk down the street do not realize that someone is sitting there. I can quitly read and write. I am without music, without TV, without PC, I am only with myself.


Arturo said...

Hi Ursula
I see you have figured out how to upload pictures - thanks for sharing them. I also see how people who have "done it before" are giving you advice through the airwaves. It's nice to read your experiences.

Ursula said...

Hi Arturo,

Relax and all is coming.

I have not taken so much pictures yet. This is the little next step.



PS: Oh it is nice that you like my little stories from Mysore.