Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Much better now."

Sa. said this to me this morning after she helped me doing supta kurmasana.
Today my legs were crossed behind the head and my fingers were hooked. I could hold this pose on my own. I only do not know how to get that far alone.

Today I was at the shala at 8:10. It was already too late. The clock at the shala has its own time. It is so much better to come at that time. Then the shala becomes empty.

Practices are very intensive here. It was scarcly possible to do some asanas before my pranayama and meditation session yesterday evening. No rule (practice only once a day) is necessary. To listen to the body, to practice with awareness is enough to know that only a few asanas should be done to prepare the body. Meditation was wonderful yesterday.
Silence, my breath, nothing else.

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