Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning Practice

My body becomes more flexible, I feel this. And my concentration gets better, which is not always easy.

It is a challenge not to let the practices of the others influence the own practice. Today I had an Ashtangi neighbour who took so much space that I had to stop doing my own practice. Somehow S. must have seen it, he was also someone of S. students and he had to move to another place. Thank God, I thought. So ruthless.

Later I was asked to move to another place, too, what was good, because then I practiced on the carpet and not on the naked floor behind the carpet. To practice on the carpet is warmer and softer. But now I had an Ashtangi neighbour, who only seemed to exhale. The exhaling was really hearable. So loud. But no inhaling. A few months ago I made the same mistake. Nevertheless it was difficult to be focused on myself. This are the challenges in the shala. It can be practiced to be detached.

Beside these little disturbances, I enjoy the shala with all the students.
They bring the energy to the shala, the heat.

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