Saturday, August 02, 2008

"A man is coming, a man is coming."

A few days ago after the practice I ws in the women changing room. I had just put off my top, when a woman came in. Almost hysterically she said: "A man is coming, a man is coming." Usually my back shows to the middle of the room, when I change clothes, but now I turned around. Almost naked, only dressed with my yoga pants I looked into her eyes and said: "So what?"
She repeated even more hysterically, asking for understanding: "An Indian man is coming."
I thought: I am not interested in a man.
I said: "Are you from America?"
(I know this was provocative.)
She: "No. I only wanted to warn you."

I turned around again and dressed myself slowly.

Then the Indian man was coming. He looked down to the floor. He was not looking to the right, he was not looking to the left. Within half of a breath he was upstairs (there is another room) at his teaching class about how to chant the Holy Texts.

When I saw this man I thought that it could be that he could not sleep before this chanting class of the holy texts, because he had to pass through the womens changing room. Next time I will dress very quickly, I thought.
A man could come, a man could come, an Indian man could come.

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