Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life can be very busy here in Mysore

There is yoga in the shala and the additional classes that are offered everywhere (sanskrit classes, cooking classes, chanting, massage, pranayama, meditation). Everybody does something else.

And there are all the Ashtangis. When I walk down the main street of Gokulam to the supermarket I greet someone every few steps. It is easy to get to know new people at the cococut stand and at the other meeting points like at Anus internet cafe and Viviens breakfast cafe. Every body likes to talk, a lot of small talk is going on here. It is easy to get absorbed. Distraction is everywhere.

It was very nice from M. yesterday evening to invite me for a cup of tea, but the evenings are mine. I need room for myself and I enjoy it to be on my own.

Picture is taken at the market in Mysore.

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