Saturday, August 23, 2008

Led class this morning

The shala was almost empty. Less than 20 people practiced this morning. I appreciate this, because then I have really room for each and every pose without taking care of neighbours. Only half of the Ashtangis did the whole series. I do the whole primary series, too. No, I am not proud of it. Doing Ashtanga yoga it becomes rather fast clear that everybody struggles somewhere.

My focus was again the breath. I could hear my breath because the shala was not crowded. Inhaling pause exhaling pause inhaling pause exhaling......
Sarasw. even helped me to do supta kurmasana. The pose is volatile. I could hook the fingers but it was not really stable. When Sarasw. crossed my legs I could not keep my fingers hooked anymore. Either I could hold the crossed legs or I could keep the fingers hooked. One of the rare truth is: not every day is the same.

Surprisingly good was sirsasana. I could hold it 15 breaths. This has never happened so far.
The breath guided me through the practice. I tried to do the vinyasas correctly. I listened carefully to Sarasw.'s counting.
And then it was over and we all relaxed on our mats for some time.

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