Monday, August 18, 2008

Led class this morning - to listen

Before the led class I could observe those who do the second series. And this was amazing. It is not important to be super thin and it is not necessary to have a tatoo in order to have an amazing second series practice. Not so many yogis and yoginis were able to do the full second series, I guess it was about 20. But those 20 people had amazing practices.
Every Sunday at 7:30 yoginis are invited to watch the led class of the second series practitioners. I will do this.

Then it was our turn. Those who struggle with the primary series poses had her led class. My focus this time was to listen to the counting of S. I was only ambitious when it came to urdhva dhanurasana. I lifted myself up and I wanted to hold the pose for 5 breaths.

Later I met A. for lunch and we went to my favourite restaurant: Green Leaf. The manager of this restaurant informed us about the medals the Germans and the Japans had won already in the Olympic Games. Isn t that sweet? He also mentioned that India has one medal in shooting. "India has perhaps less medals, but a more relaxed life," we consoled him. But he felt very good, he laughed about all this and he seemed to enjoy it more to talk to us than to count medals.

Picture: It is part of the temple in Gokulam.

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