Saturday, August 09, 2008

A last picture for today

It is taken downtown Mysore as well.
And now imagine for a second only that I appear on that scene. That is "contrast".


armani said...

Thanks for taking these pics. I've always wondered what the city of Mysore looked like. Please keep posting!

Tracy said...

i am SO loving your pictures! they are bringing back so many memories for me..that they almost make me cry! but i know i can return, which then makes me smile!
xxoo thank you so much for these gifts!

Liza said...

Hi Ursula, I found your blog 10 days ago, and I like it a lot, although your English is often rather awkward (and I am famous for correcting other people's grammar), but I admire your courage and your curiosity and most of all your committment to yoga. I started yoga only a year ago and am very much a beginner. I do hatha, not ashtanga, but your blog has inspired me to try an introductory ashtanga class, so I will start next week.
What I am most envious of (apart from the fresh coconut) is the pranayama classes. I think you really are lucky to have found such a great teacher.
I wish you all the best


Ursula said...

Thanks to you all. Yes it is time-consuming to blog, but I like it. It is an additional joy if you like it, too.

Liza, please if do not hesitate to tell me what to correct: tenses? vocabulary? I am very thankful for corrections. I feel it that my English is awkward. But not writing would mean it would go worse.

I wish you all a lot of fun with your yoga practice.


Marie said...

Hey Ursula -
You know, I'm really, really into English. It's sort of been my life's work so far. But I love your English. It's not native, but it's charming... and it's you.

Because you ask, I'd say that most often your non-native quality shows in your word choices and in your sentence constructions.

For example, you wrote, "I feel it that my English is awkward. But not writing would mean it would go worse." We would probably say,"I feel that my English is awkward." Or "I know that my English is awkward. But not writing would mean that it would get worse." Or even "I feel like my English is awkward."

Such tiny distinctions and they take such a long, long time to learn.

Still though I think you write fluently, expressively and quite grammatically. I sure know that I couldn't do half the job in either French or Spanish, and I don't think I know more than 10 words of any other language, even German!!

So much to learn,