Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In the shala this morning

Or, I still have preferences.
Or, we are advanced in some areas in others we are beginners.

I have preferences who is practicing next to me.
My preferences towards asanas are minimal now. Janu Sirsana A is my favourite asana, but all the other ones have also challenges, joy for me. I do not ask a lot if I like them or not. One asana follows the next one. Point.

Unfortunately today this woman who seems to exhale only practiced again next to me. This alone requires a lot of focus on my own practice. We are all learning. It doesn t matter. But is it really necessary to beat me 3 times during 1 hour. Today her wrists were bound. I thought as unattentive as she is to others as unattentive she is to herself.

On my left side practiced a woman who was very attentive. She even changed her position so that I could do supta konasana easily. She went on with pashasana. She is really advanced I thought. She can do advanced poses and she is attentive towards asanas.

When we do our practice we have our eyes open. It is said that we should focus on the dristhis. But so far I have not read and heard that we should not see anything else.

The practice this morning occupied me some time. I think that there are a lot areas, that are unequally developped by different Ashtangis. Some are good at asanas, some are good at breathing, some might even be attentive.

My challenge is to be detached whatever Ashtangi neighbour I have. To be detached is also important for life in general.

And then I thought about Sarasw. She helps everybody with the same comittment, with the same strength, I even want to say with the same love. She is really advanced.

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