Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In the shala this morning

Again I had a good practice in that hot and humid shala with all these Ashtangis around me.

So many tatoos can be admired, one man even wore his nipple ring durig the practice.
I do not practice with my star sapphire. No, that would be over the top.

Help for my asanas I got from another side today, from my pranayama teacher. "Be passive," he told me, "do not push." While doing triang eka paschimottanasana he told me not to bind the hands. The gravity should bring my body closer to the leg. The asana shall work on the hip, do not bend the back. The movement of the head is the very last action. The asanas prepare for pranayama and meditation. It is not acrobatic.

And when your legs tremble, you already went too far.

Back to the shala: I sweat like never in my life. I experience my body totally differently.
Back home I immediatly wash my clothes now. Shampoo in the pot, wash, wash, rinsing, finished.

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Marie said...

Hey U-
Practicing striving without pushing is one rewarding challenge of yoga.

It's part of what I love.