Friday, August 22, 2008

I am still missing something...

I missed today's practice. All the students arrived at 6 for the led class, only I arrived at 8 in order to practice Mysore. Somehow I did not get the information to come earlier. Sarasw. drove to Bangalore today, so there was a change in the schedule. Everybody knew it, except me. :)

Imagine all the students doing led class and I sit in front of the shala waiting for my Mysore class. But the shala was closed after the led class. I was disappointed. The woman from Signapore cheered me up. You could go home and do a home practice, she told me with a smile. And she was right. No reason to worry.

I had breakfast with the woman from Signapore and the woman from Japan. We laughed a lot. I thought tiger balm would be good against my mosquito bites. I thought it came from China, but it comes from Signapore.

Then I decided to dress something colorful and walk around as it is a sunny day today. Perhaps this will be my day off today, but I do not know it yet. Flexibility is needed here.

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