Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Finally you are on your balcony."

"Finally you are on your balcony,"Ch. from Singapore came over the street.
I hadn't set the alarm clock on Saturday evening as I wanted to sleep longer. Usualy I am a bit after 6 on my balcony. Soon later she goes to her Mysore class. We greet each other usually.
At eight I was up today and soon later on my balcony for my breakfast, coffee and bananas.

"Do you join us?" she asked me. "We rented a taxi to go to the Chamundhi Hills, a temple, a palace and the gardens."
Me: "OK, I come."
She: "15 min."
Me: "Give me 30 min."

After 30 min I was ready for an adventure. We were four woman today: S. from Australia, Ch, from Japan, Ch. from Singapore and me from Germany.
We had a real adventure, but more later, tomorrow.

That's how it is here: Relax and all is coming.
Bad news: E. had opened my mobile phone bill. I obviously had called him too often.


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Anonymous said...

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