Sunday, August 10, 2008

A day off ?????

I slept as long as I wished. No alarm clock woke me up. There was no yoga class at the shala for me today.

Nevertheless I wanted to practice on my own, without the influence of others. So I rolled out my mat and practiced. My room has a huge advantage: I can hear my own breath. I was not distracted by anything. And my practice was rather intensive.

"Let your yoga become more passive." This sentence from my pranayama teacher guided me through the practice. Passive does not mean to do nothing, to be lazy. It is more to let the other forces do the job, like the gravity. Not to resist is important, not to push, but to let go. This might lead to the same progress like pushing and pulling, but in a much more friendly way.

First the asanas and then the pranayama and meditation, I have learned here. But after Ashtanga I need a shower. I do not feel good to be so sweaty and to do meditation.

Pranayama should be done only 20 rounds. This is enough. This is the maximum, G. told me. OK, away from the clock, back to counting. I am in a phase where I am rather playfull. I get new information, I try to apply new techniques. Soon I will know how my routine will look like. But for now I am flexible, I play with some new techniques.

And then it was lunch time and I went to Vivien to have sushis there.

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