Sunday, August 03, 2008

A bookshop for a bookworm like me

Papa drove me downtown yesterday (it was supposed to be the last time). We stopped at one of the largest bookshops. I went up to the second floor and I was really very much surprised. I found so many books I am interested in. All books were in English.

One huge shelf had books only by Osho. Finally I found the book "From sex to superconsciousness" by Osho. It is the book that made him famous, it is one of his first books. But I bought 4 more books by him. I love Osho.

Next stop was a supermarket. Bags have to be given to a man, who puts them in a shelf before everybody is allowed to enter this store. I was prepared. Before I left my home yeterday I stuffed my pockets with money. I had not to carry a bag around yesterday. I felt really easy. In supermarkets are fixed prices. This is a huge advantage for me.

On our way home Paba stopped again at an oil shop. "Please drive me home, please drive me home," I told him and finally he understood. I paid at the end. This time he wanted more money. I gave him more as even more money is not so much for me. That was it with Paba. :(
PS: The picture is not taken where the bookstore is. It is taken somewhere else.

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