Friday, August 08, 2008

Back to the sweet things in life

Back to chocolate. In that little shop I buy my self-made chocolate. Oh these people are experts and the chocolate is delicious. I saw in the face of the owner that he was a bit disappointed when I bought the white coconut chocolate. Advanced chocolate lovers buy black chocolate. :)


Tracy said...

when i bought chocolate there at that very same place, it was SO delicious! But it was so warm there that it melted too fast and so i had to eat it quickly and also give some away!!
that place has THE BEST chocolate!

eeyore said...

black chocolate! sounds intense.

Ursula said...

The chocolate is not in a refrigerator. Now it is not so hot here, so I can keep it for some days.

I thought that you would like the picture, a reminder for you of a wonderful time.


Ursula said...

I will show you where you can get it. :)

It is close to the shala.

Kevin said...

I found chocolate here in Bali.Yummy

Ursula said...

Do you have nothing else to do but to look for chocolate?????

OK, I understand. I have bought mine for the evening already. :)